Plexr Treatment

Patient demand for faster treatment with minimum downtime is increasing year on year. Aesthetic practitioners are being continually challenged to offer non-surgical procedures that provide results. The new treatment is Plexr that comprises three handheld wireless devices (white, green and red) that each offer varying degrees of treatment.

What is Plexr?

Plexr is a non-surgical treatment which offers an effective alternative to surgical procedures such as blepharoplasty (eyelid correction), face/neck lift and scar. Plexr creates a plasma arc to stimulate instant contraction and tightening of the skin in a process that takes 2-4 weeks. There is no scalpel or laser used and therefor no stitches.

The Plexr device is used to generate the plasma by ionizing the gas particles between 0.5mm wide needle and the skin. An electrical arc is created. This technology can treat sensitive areas of your body without even providing any harm to your skin. It has the capability to treat the precise areas, such as eyelids. This device comes with a number of uses. You can use it for a mini neck lift or mini facelift, acne removal, tattoo removal, scar removal, etc. Even if you have sagging skin, you may use it to tighten up your skin, for example with a ‘mummy tummy’ after a childbirth.

How does the Plexr work?

Plexr causes sublimation which is the process of turning a solid straight into a gas so results are instant and there is no heat transferred to surrounding tissues to cause damage to normal skin. Plexr uses plasma so there is no electric current which can cause problems for some patients and the treatments result in tissue retraction and tightening which gives even better results.

Plexr can be used for the following;

Plexr- Non-Surgical Eyelid Surgery: Plexr works for lifting your sagging eyelid. Plexr is considered an amazing treatment for providing the benefits that was once only possible with surgery.

Plexr- Treat Acne: It will take time to heal when you use this device for acne treatment. We also encourage follow-ups after the procedure to ensure that you achieve best results.

Plexr- Warts Removal: Approximately 30 minutes are required to perform the procedure but exact time may depend on your warts. The skin starts to heal right after the procedure. You will get fast recovery through this procedure.

Plexr- Get Rid of Skin Blemishes: This non-invasive technique may address the pigmentation and also skin blemishes. If you want to get rid of age spots, uneven skin tone, sun spots, or dark spots, then you should go for it. Overall, it reduces the scars to provide a fair complexion.

Plexr- Wrinkles/Fine Lines: The plasma helps to reduce the signs of aging without any side-effects and just outstanding results.

Plexr can be used for the removal of;

  • Acne Scars
  • Seborrhoeic Warts
  • Skin Tags
  • Xanthelasmas
  • Keloid Scars
  • Verrucas
  • Moles

Are there any side effects of Plexr?

Following Plexr treatment, tiny dark brown/black spots may appear or there may be an appearance more typical of a burn. Swelling is common and often lasts several days and can be quite significant around the eyes. The area will often be red and warm immediately after the procedure and can be quite tender for a few days. Patients may experience a tingling or burning sensation.