FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant)

is the latest invention for hair transplantation. It is the technique in which a piece of suitable skin from the correct position on the scalp is chosen for the transplant. This piece of skin will then be cut out and grafted on to the area of scalp where hair needs replenishing. After the skin has been cut out, the wound will be closed by suturing the edges of the skin together. FUT has a higher yield when it comes to hair restoration. And this can be the main thing for many patients because they are willing to have a long, thin scar on the back of their heads in favour of a higher yield of hair and better results.


Advantages of FUT treatment:

Large number of Follicles can be transplanted in one session

High survival rate of hair follicles

Lower resection rate (Depends up on the skills of Surgeon)

Cost effective treatment

Less time to achieve hair restoration growthYields better quality hair follicles


Who should opt for FUT?

People with larger area of baldness

For those who desirous of pruning treatment times

For the people who are not averse to cuts, scars and long recovery period