FIT (Follicular Isolation Technique)

which is shortly known as FIT is one of the techniques used in hair replacement surgery. For the people that are suffering with hair loss, in addition to this, there are a number of techniques available for hair replacement. This technique used in the surgery is considered to be as most efficient, giving the people suffering from the hair loss to look and feel better after completion of the surgery.


Important part of the hair replacement surgery:

Follicular Isolation Technique is a technique most often used for a hair transplant. This technique is considered to be as the most important by doctors when conducting this type of surgeries. The removing of one hair follicle unit at a time from the donor is known as the FIT process. This is then separated into different grafts on the one that is receiving the hair transplant.


Tools required to undergo FIT:

The conduction of FIT surgery requires the recipient of the hair transplant to have specific tools, as well as procedures that are done during the process. In order to properly place the hair, in the first part the instrument must cut into the dermis area. In this particular area there will then be a placement of between one to five hairs that are placed. This will be done with removing a specific amount of grafts in one day, and consumes a larger amount of time to continue with the replacement.