Why Shiraz

Shiraz is the Capital of Fars province, Iran. Shiraz is one of the most beautiful, historical cities in the world. Shiraz has been known as the medical center of the south of the country for many years and hosts thousands of foreign patients each year.  Shiraz is one of the country's medical poles with 34 specialized hospitals including Hospitals of Namazi, The Heart (Kowsar, Al-Zahra), Organ Transplantation, Ophthalmology (Khodadoost, Ordibehesht) and Beauty Surgery which has a reputation in the region and the world. 

Organ transplantation, eye surgery, beauty and skin, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, cancers, weight loss surgery, cardiovascular surgery, orthopedics and infertility treatment are only part of the services provided in well-equipped hospitals of Shiraz.

Shiraz, the capital of Fars Province, has gained international reputation in organ transplantation. In the past two years, it has been recognized as the biggest liver transplant center in the world. More than 500 liver transplant surgeries were performed last year and 600 are likely to be carried out this year (started March 21). On average, 300 kidney transplants and 60 pancreas surgeries are conducted in the province every year, said Ali Malekhosseini, a member of the Iranian High Transplant Council and head of Shiraz Medical University’s transplants department. The first liver transplant was performed in 1993 in Shiraz University Hospital. The first living-related kidney transplantation performed at the hospital dates back to 1968.

According to the tourists visiting of Persian Gulf countries from Shiraz, the city now has a great place in the country's health tourism. In addition, the city's historic attractions have other advantages that attract more tourists. 

Some special Medical Services that offered to the patients in Shiraz:

  • Organ Transplantation: Including liver, renal, pancreas, and bone marrow transplant
  •  Cerebral Vascular Angioplasty
  •  Hepatic Artery Angioplasty
  •  Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy for various cancers
  •  Eye Surgery
  •  Slimming Services and Skin and Cosmetic Surgery
  •  Cardiovascular Surgery
  •  Hip and knee orthopedics and Arthroplasty
  •  Infertility Treatment through Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) such as in vitro fertilization (IVF)


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