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Medical Tourism Process in Iran


Medical Tourism is a travel to other countries for undergoing surgery, a variety of medical, dental and beauty care. Medical Tourism is not merely the provision of medical services but it is based on the logic that medical treatment alongside rest and leisure, related to a travel that can help to accelerate the improvement and health of human beings. 

Nowadays, many countries have focused on Medical Tourism and the important thing is that patients while treating can enjoy the attractions of the country. It is generally attempted to accommodate patients in standard and desirable hotels that adjacent to Health Centers and Hospitals.

Considering the high level of medical science, the ability of Iran to provide therapeutic services and potential in this field, especially a precious amount of experience in the field of hard treatments; makes it a highly enjoyable place to stay and visit.

Medical Tourism has a special place in our country; due to the availability of well-equipped hospitals, qualified doctors and nurses, who can help to improve it.  

Iran has many capacities for accepting medical tourists that including mineral water springs in most provinces of the country, desert areas in Qom, Infertility treatment sections in Yazd, Dentistry and Dialysis centers and all kinds of Cardiac, Plastic and Eye surgeries in Tehran, Shiraz, Mashhad and Rasht.

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